Farm history

A family estate with a long tradition

The Innerkalcherhof exists since 1636. The farm belongs to the family Villgrater from Sesto. Thus, the family looks back on a long history, which belongs to one of the oldest families in the village. The name of the farm goes back to the former lime kiln, which processed the lime from the surrounding mountains. For generations, the lime kiln was operated and then rebuilt as a farm. In the First World War devastating fighting were fought in the Dolomites of Sesto. The farm fell victim to a fire and had to be laboriously rebuilt in the interwar years.

A South Tyrolean farm

To the traditional farm belonged everything, what one can imagine under a mountain farm in South Tyrol:
Each family member helped with the pastures and in the yard. The pastures were mown, the section was dried and stored as hay. Every day the cows were fed and milked, who lived in the cowshed at the farm. The milk of the Innerkalcherhof was awarded multiple prizes. Even today, the numerous plaques, prices and traces of the dairy farm can be seen in the house.

Innerkalcherhof in Sexten - Bauernhof Geschichte
Innerkalcherhof in Sexten - Bauernhof Geschichte

Today's farm of the Villgrater family

The farm has evolved since then:
The cows exchanged their places with the stable with numerous chickens and quail. The farm focuses on chicken and quail eggs now. The fresh milk comes from the brother-in-law's yard today. Within the last few years, the farm has been lovingly restored. The façade of the house has been repainted in traditional style. The classic alpine wood ornaments on the house have been renewed in detail. In the attic of the courtyard, a spacious, modern apartment has been furnished. In front of the house is a playground and now there are goats in the yard. If there is time, farmer Siegfried works on fine wood carvings.

However, the family crest has remained unchanged and continues to stand for hospitality, diligence and open-heartedness. Even today, traditions and values of the family are lived and shared with their guests.

Innerkalcherhof in Sexten - Bauernhof Geschichte - Familie Villgrater
Innerkalcherhof in Sexten - Bauernhof Geschichte

Visit the Innerkalcherhof in Sesto. Be a guest on a farm in the Dolomites and experience the unique South Tyrol.

Holidays on a farm – Holiday apartment in Sesto

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